The Perfect Day ... which meets and even exceeds all your expectations!


Invitations, flowers, table favours, decorations, music and entertainment – there really is a lot of organising to do when ‘love is in the air’ and wherever celebrating is occurring, food and drink are usually in accompaniment. You therefore may ask: ‘is there an affordable wedding catering service near me that will provide for our needs?’ 

Every wedding and civil ceremony is an very important event that is of the most importance, firstly to the wedding couple, but secondly to your honoured guests, as they join in the joyous occasion.  All present will want to celebrate comfortably and therefore all tastes and dietary needs in your wedding food catering need to be provided for suitably.  Food by Julie aims to consult directly with you and your preferences and needs when choosing and deciding on a menu for your wedding occasion.

Your main concern and purpose for this event is that the ceremony itself goes to plan. That being said, once that special vow is given, you then need to know that whatever other arrangements you have made are going to go according to plan.  Food by Julie can promise not only to provide wedding caterers in Berkshire, but also the knowledge and experience that has come from catering for special occasions since 1985.  We aim to make the day of your special event as stress free as possible, by providing a reliable service for you and all of your guests throughout the whole day.  Then you can just get on with making and treasuring memories from your wedding.  Not only can we fill your needs as a caterer for wedding in Berkshire, but we can provide equipment hire.  Please see our Home page for a list of the other wedding catering services and help we can happily provide for.

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